• Here’s an article to think about: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fl20110419hn.html (Who pays for nuclear nightmare?)

    Seems like bullshit to me… The Japanese people have historically taken it up the ass with gritted teeth and pursed lips…
    JP Gov says TEPCO should pay… But the Gov wrote laws that give TEPCO a free pass… Then the TEPCO insurers say, we don’t have to pay for anything… Everyone ignoring past evidence of negligence on the part of TEPCO’s management and lack of apparent concern over the safety of its nuclear power plants.

    So, where does that leave the bill?

    It’s gets shouldered by the very victims that are in dire need of financial assistance! This is outrageous. Politics have once again failed the Japanese people. And, the politicians are “polite” enough to say 「頑張ろう」 (do your best) to all. Ha! Everyone is already “doing their best” bearing the pain of these recent events. It almost feels like they are instructing us to just keep bending over… K.Y. cost extra and TECPO won’t pay…

    Even the Government, which will surely acquit itself, has a hand in the state of this affair.
    Others have their say as well…

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