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    28-Day CARNIVORE vs VEGAN Diet Swap

    Vegan diet vs Carnivore diet: what happens when two people - a carnivore and a vegan - swap diets for 28 days? For the first time ever, a 10 year vegan has gone carnivore for 28 days and a carnivore has gone vegan for 28 days in the name of science. These 2 guinnea pigs have taken blood tests before and after the month of dietary juxtaposition started.

    Video (6 minutes) Synopsis

    Video (55 minutes) EPIC Panel: Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Scott Stoll, Dr T Colin Campbell

    Video (3 hours) FULL results

    Vegan VS InfoWars

    While in Ohio, Milly Weaver of InfoWars arrived at the farm/slaughterhouse that we were bearing witness at, and approached for a live Facebook interview.

    Video (42 minutes)

    the Rise of Veganism

    It seems as if everywhere you turn you see or hear the word vegan. Whether it’s an advert online, a new vegan product, the news that Wagamama’s have committed to making 50% of their menu meat-free by the end of 2021, or that record numbers of people have signed up for Veganuary.

    Video (8 minutes)

    Mad about meat

    Shady practices of the meat industry uncovered (13 minutes)

    Meat bad for Environment

    Veganism could save the planet. Here’s why. (13 minutes)

    El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin for Legal Tender
    Can We Stop a Future Pandemic?
    Table of Contents
    Table of Contents