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28-Day CARNIVORE vs VEGAN Diet Swap 🔗

Vegan diet vs Carnivore diet: what happens when two people - a carnivore and a vegan - swap diets for 28 days? For the first time ever, a 10 year vegan has gone carnivore for 28 days and a carnivore has gone vegan for 28 days in the name of science. These 2 guinnea pigs have taken blood tests before and after the month of dietary juxtaposition started.

Video (6 minutes) Synopsis 🔗

Video (55 minutes) EPIC Panel: Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Scott Stoll, Dr T Colin Campbell 🔗

Video (3 hours) FULL results 🔗

Vegan VS InfoWars 🔗

While in Ohio, Milly Weaver of InfoWars arrived at the farm/slaughterhouse that we were bearing witness at, and approached for a live Facebook interview.

Video (42 minutes) 🔗

the Rise of Veganism 🔗

It seems as if everywhere you turn you see or hear the word vegan. Whether it’s an advert online, a new vegan product, the news that Wagamama’s have committed to making 50% of their menu meat-free by the end of 2021, or that record numbers of people have signed up for Veganuary.

Video (8 minutes) 🔗

Mad about meat 🔗

Shady practices of the meat industry uncovered (13 minutes) 🔗

Meat bad for Environment 🔗

Veganism could save the planet. Here’s why. (13 minutes) 🔗