Religion is the crutch by which people allow their weak minds to be enslaved by a rigid social contract.

In the case of Judeo-Christainity, it is a panopticon of fear. If you don’t fear the consequence of the “Christian life,” then there is little motivation to concede to an absent-minded father figure that would sooner damn you than save you.

Some may say it’s not God’s fault for some tragedy or take it too far by blaming some demonic figurehead like Satan.

The stark reality is that life just is not that complicated when religion is null and voided. However, the weak human mind is unable to accept it as such and requires something to explain or blame. The “why…”

Logically, you should consider the fallacies in the human-written Bible… Only if you have completely read this collection of stories, from cover-to-cover and page-by-page, could you begin to be qualified to debate the ridiculous abandonment of logic this religion demands of its followers.

I’m not just atheist, I’m anti-theist. Plainly stated, this means I’m against all religions.