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Life size pussy boat from Japan | video (2:52 minutes) 🔗

The fact that talking about the vagina is taboo in Japan does not matter to Japanese artist Rokude. She is bothered with the slur that surrounds the vagina and wants to break the taboo by making everyday objects like phone cases and car toys based on the shape of her own vagina. Her dream is to make a life size ‘pussy boat’ and set sail across the ocean.

A Japanese artist has been arrested for disseminating “3D printable design files” of her own genitalia, reports.

Megumi Igarashi, 42, was cuffed by Tokyo Metropolitan Police for allegedly supplying virtual ladyparts via email to a “30-year-old man in Kagawa Prefecture” and “many others” back in March.

Igarashi, under the nom de plume “Rokudenashi-ko”, has been creating dioramas and files celebrating her “まんこ(manko)” in order to fund the construction of a vagina boat. Her works include a miniature kayak…

…and labial mobile phone covers:

She has also knocked up a full-fat vagina kayak…

…But it’s the sale of digital vagina analogues which have landed her in hot water. Following her arrest, she told cops: “I cannot understand why the police recognize the 3D data as obscene material.”

Igarashi’s ultimate aim is to make the vagina more “casual” in a country where it’s considered bad form to even mention ladies’ inner sanctums.