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Government Driving Climate?

What will it take to have people elect politicians that ⋯


Richie Bartlett, Jr.

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Familiar story 🔗

While the following videos speaks directly about the Austrailian Governement, it rings very familiar with how other countries (e.g. USA) have operated a business-as-usual attidute when it comes to the topic of Global Crisis (“Climate Change”). Every major state power is basically telling everyone “Fuck You…” 🖕🏻

No one cares about Global Warming until they are suffocating in it. In a few years, “global warming” will be escalated to “global climate crisis” if we continue to ignore the planet. While we all sit back and hope that someone else will fix the problem, it continues to grow worse. There are no new technologies that can effectively save us from impending doom.

Collaborate or die 🔗

We all must collaborate together to make change possible. We MUST act! It can be as simple as:

  • Recycle as much as possible.
  • Minimize our consumption of animal products. [Go “vegan” would be much better.]
  • Reduce the amount of water, electricity, and gas we use.
  • Use public transportation more… Or, better yet: walk, run, bicycle, or skate to your destinations.
  • Vote for policies that aren’t just “green” but are designed to ensure our kids’ children can enjoy the planet. [Stop voting for greedy, self-interested politicians‼️]

Alone it is very hard to make a difference. But together, change is definitely in-reach. A single drop of rain doesn’t really impact anything. But a hail-storm of torrential rain, will drown a town. Let our voices grow to be the hurricane that sweeps out those corrupted politicans! We should not rerly on the elected officials to have our best interests. We should be driving the message and the solutions to advert a more serious Climate crisis - extinction.

Honest Government Ad | COP26 Climate Summit - Video (3:48 minutes) 🔗

The Australien Government has made an ad for the COP26 UN Climate Summit, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

Honest Government Ad | Net Zero by 2050 (feat. Greta Thunberg) - Video (3:45 minutes) 🔗

The Government™ has made an ad about Net Zero by 2050 and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

Honest Government Ad | The Floods 🌊 - Video (3:26 minutes) 🔗

The Australien Government has made an ad about this summer’s floods and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. 🇦🇺👽🌊

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