• In response to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2012/10/11/national/man-freed-after-admitting-he-threatened-prince/

    Limited “Free Speech” in Japan means that your letters, if considered threatening, would land you jail-time… Unfortunately for these guys, they (probably) did NOT send the emails, but were arrested anyway. Not only does this damage the person and rob that person of their time, but has several political backlashes as well.

    Even if one is innocent of the charge, the fact one would miss work while detained by the police would not bode well for that person’s future employment. You can advise one to keep their PC’s updated with the latest software and security patches, but this will not guarantee that a virus will not send a threatening email upon your behalf…

    Fortunately, the police were kind enough to find them innocent enough to release after proof of these viruses were found on their PCs…

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