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I launched this blog in 1995. Since then, we have published 1603 articles. It's all free and means a lot of work in my spare time. I enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences with you.

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Trading Online Is Lonely

Trading & investing online can be lonely, which causes ⋯


Chris DUNN

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Lonely 🔗

Trading & investing online can be lonely, which causes problems like:

  • Being limited by your own perspectives
  • Not being able to see blind spots
  • Repeating mistakes over & over
  • Hiding from losses
  • Revenge trading

Here’s how you can create connection & accountability:

Community 🔗

Join a community of people with similar goals & trading styles.

“Trading groups” get a bad name because of pump-and-dumps, fake gurus, and blind-leading-the-blind noise…

But I’ve found getting around the right group of people can help you grow and improve weak points.

Share your Losses 🔗

Openly share your LOSSES.

It’s easy to brag about wins, but that doesn’t help you improve.

Sharing losses helps you learn from them.

Analyzing losses can show you what you did wrong and how to get better.

No regrets 🔗

Follow a “no regrets” trading strategy…

Ask things like, “If the market dumped here, would I regret NOT taking some profits?”

Or, “If this breakout works, would I regret NOT pulling the trigger on an entry?”

The goal is to eliminate regrets no matter what the market does.

In real life 🔗

Get around people IRL…

As much as I love being able to work online, there’s no replacement for in-person connection.

It’s just… different.

Attend conferences, seminars, and meetups with the RIGHT group of people.

Wealth Building Community 🔗

If you’re looking to get around a community of traders, investors, and entrepreneurs playing the long game, check out our Wealth Building Community at the Skill Incubator:

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