Answers to your amazing questions

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When I posted my article, How I Make Up to $5,000 Each Month Writing About Boring Topics, I had no idea it would receive such an overwhelmingly positive response.

As of this writing, the article has 4.7K views and 77 comments.

Reading through all of the kind comments is deeply meaningful to me. I tried to answer every single comment to the best of my ability.

Since many people had similar questions, I thought I’d answer those ones here in more depth.

Questions like:

  • Do you write boring topics on Medium?
  • How do you actually make money from boring topics on your website?
  • How do you know if something is too boring?
  • Do all boring topics make money?
  • Do I have to start a website to make money from boring topics?
  • How many boring websites do you need?
  • Do you build one boring website per niche?
  • Can you make money writing about important or exciting topics?
  • Isn’t writing about boring topics for money selling your soul?
  • Why do you recommend over
  • What are some boring blogging tools you use?

Let’s take each of these one at a time — get ready to get bored!

Do You Write Boring Topics on Medium? 🔗

This is one of the most common questions from the first boring article, so I want to address it first.

My answers, as clearly as I know how to state them:

  • I write 99.9% of my boring articles on my personal portfolio of websites.
  • On Medium, I almost never intend to write boring articles.

When I first started writing on Medium, I experimented with boring articles on boring topics, but they did not go over well. So I try to keep my topics fresh and entertaining on this platform.

Therefore, I try to avoid publishing boring articles on Medium. The boring niche and boring topic strategy seem to work best on your own self-hosted website.

A self-hosted website is your own website on your domain, so you have full control over the content and format of your articles. The majority of self-hosted websites use WordPress and a hosting company, like Bluehost or Siteground (there are many others).

It’s really up to you which platform and hosting you want to use for your own site.

Caveats: I saved the exceptions for the end of this answer to hopefully not confuse the issue. I do still experiment with boring topics on Medium from time to time, mostly to drive traffic to my external, personal sites.

I might also rarely backlink to one of my websites from a Medium article, especially when it makes sense from a topical point of view.

This helps with my website authority, which results in higher and quicker rankings in Google. With the launch of the Medium referral program, there is also the possibility of converting organic Google traffic into monthly commissions.

How Do You Actually Make Money From Boring Topics on Your Website? 🔗

This is the second most common question, so let’s tackle it second.

Since I publish boring content on my personal portfolio of four websites, I make money through affiliate marketing and display advertising. Once you write enough articles and get enough traffic, you can sign up for advertising networks like Ezoic, Ad Thrive, and Mediavine.

My two eligible websites currently use Ezoic.

When website visitors read my articles, I get paid a small amount for the ads displayed on my sites. If those visitors click my affiliate links and buy something, I earn a small commission there, too.

The small earnings add up with hundreds of articles and thousands of visitors to my websites each month.

Once you join Ezoic (or another ad network), there are ways to make more money.