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    If you’re like me — a tech savvy individual (that also happens to be a software engineer) or just a casual technology user, then I’m sure you’ve had this very same question wandering your mind countless times; How do I make money online? or better yet, how do I make money with my PC or Mac?

    Whether you’re looking for ways to make extra money online or on your PC, or heck — even your cellphone! Stick around, your 2022 is about to get a whole lot better.

    Leveraging the gig economy

    There are tons of websites out on the internet that provide you the opportunity to earn some extra money — using skills that you already possess and equipment you may already own.

    I’m talking about the gig economy here. It’s a great way for people to make money and earn a steady and passive income — all in the comfort of your own home. These sites only require that you sign up, with some offering premium subscriptions to boost sales and grant access to features like bidding on more proposals.

    Some of these include

    • Freelancer
    • Upwork
    • Fiverr (⭐️ my personal favorite)
    • TaskRabbit

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    Another great way of making money online is through MINEPRIZE. And the best part? You don’t even have to do anything! On here, you allow MINEPRIZE to use your idle CPU power to run complex tasks and you get paid by loaning your resources out.

    With MINEPRIZE, the registration is entirely free, and all you need is your email address and password to sign up. After you sign up, you’ll be asked to load a specific page, let MINEPRIZE use your resources, and let the money roll in! You can earn as much as $100 a month by leaving your computer to run some calculations. How crazy is that?


    “_O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?_”. Alright, alright, I admit, not all writing is Shakespearian. But you’ll definitely need some strong lingual skills to be able to qualify as a copywriter. Luckily it’s not like in the olden days, using typewriters, amiright?

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    But seriously though, there’s a chance you’ll make some really good dough (👏🏻 3 claps for the rhyme) writing as a skill.

    Here are just some of the ways you’d be able to get some moola typing away on your fancy keyboard or whatever:

    1. Start a blog
    2. Self-Publish a book6
    3. Create affiliate content
    4. Write scripts for video creators
    5. Create written content for social media
    6. Peer check books
    7. Help with marketing content

    Phew, that was a list in a list!


    That’s right kids. If you understand this

    print("hello world");

    to some degree, you’ve probably done some coding before. Coding, programming or developing, as some may call it, would stand the test of time (at least for now) to be one of the most lucrative ways to earn extra money, or even as your main source of income.

    There are plenty of resources out there that use low-code/no-code to build you an app or website, and then of course, there are the hardcode coders (like me) that write everything line by line, binary di — okay fine, that last part is definitely over exaggerating a bit.

    But on a more serious note, you can make money writing websites, apps, making cloud platforms, or using low code or no code platforms.

    Here are some low code platforms

    Pretty cool, right?

    Content Creation

    The internet has gifted us many platforms that we can leverage to gain unfathomable wealth and extra money out of this world — if we use them correctly. This one’s a bit tougher than the rest, though. It requires a LOT of upfront time investment, unlike some of the other items on this list.

    I’m talking about platforms like YouTube, or writing your own blog using Medium. It’s an incredible way to generate an income — both passive and active. YouTube, for one, have birthed many millionaires with the likes of Jake- and Logan Paul, PewDiePie (a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg) in the last decade and a half of it’s existence, and it’s never too late. New YouTubers are always on the rise, making it to the top with high quality content.

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    NFTs and Cryptocurrency

    NFTs and Cryptocurrency exchanges have become one of the fastest ways to amass some great deal of money through the owning and selling of digital assets. Binance’s Initial Game Offer promises great rewards for those who invest early and yield the best results.

    One game that’s pretty awesome (and that’s had a piece of it’s plot essentially sold for at US$7.2 million! That’s crazy!) is Axie Infinity. It’s downloadable via the Google and Apple stores, and it’s free!

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company pays others (e.g., bloggers) to advertise their products and services and generate sales. Here, I’ll use an example. I write a blog (like this one) and I post a link to an item I’d recommend buying — say, a camera — through Amazon’s Affiliate Program, and if you end up buying said camera, I’d get a portion of the sale as commission!

    Here are some high paying programs:

    1. Elementor
    2. AWeber
    3. Sendinblue
    4. ConvertKit
    5. Leadpages
    6. GetResponse
    7. SEMRush
    8. Fiverr
    9. Pabbly

    Create a blog

    Now folks, if you’re an avid writer, or you are just really passionate about a specific thing or niche, then, as an expression, blogging could potentially monetize said passion!

    Think of something — anything — and start a blog on that. Heck, you can even start right here on Medium like I did!

    Try Drop-shipping

    And I do mean this in the best way possible — drop shopping is stupidly easy to set up, but would, for some, be quite challenging to keep the ball rolling.

    Luckily, Shopify has made it incredibly easy to create and run an online store. Drop-shipping from China’s biggest, like AliExpress and DHGate are quite common. But if you can manage to score a local distributer that’s willing to let you drop ship their product — you’ve got a winner!

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    Set up an Online Course

    If you have a skill, and you can articulate said skill, then look no further than online education.

    Online education, with the likes of Skillshare, Pluralsight and Coursera have made in-roads in the last couple of years, upskilling individuals from courses that YOU can create and earn from.

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    That’s all I have for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. And if you didn’t, well —

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