• Having lots of meeting notes can be a burden to deal with. You always need to carry heavy physical notebooks or keep several sheets of paper or sticky notes. It eventually makes your desk cluttered, making it hard for you to search for your notes quickly.

    You might be a tad traditional when it comes to a note-taking but here’s a couple of reasons to help you make the shift from a paper notebook to a note taking app. Many of our Noteshelf users share the same sentiments:

    • You can have several notes in multiple notebooks all at once. It’s way more convenient and handy rather than lugging around a heavy bag with several physical notebooks in it.

    • You can quickly look for a specific note, especially if you’re just using just one note taking app, as compared to rummaging through several notebooks or scratches of paper.

    • You can carry, open, annotate and email PDF documents, making it not only a note taking app but a solid business app.

    • You can insert, copy-paste and move photos easily in any page, making it easy to show and illustrate your point to your colleagues, bosses or clients, which you can’t do when you’re writing on a regular paper notebook.

    • With that said, you can easily search for inspiration in Google Images, save them directly in your photo album and insert it easily in your notes, which you can’t do on a regular, paper notebook.

    • You can do quick sketches and share them effortlessly via email or popular social media channels. You can also doodle directly on an image that’s also inserted right on the note taking app, making it easy to make corrections and annotations on certain discussions.

    • You can easily organize your notes, client files, even PDF documents, photos and sketches. You can make multiple notebooks, place different files and documents in it, categorize them accordingly and group the necessary items together in different notebooks.

    • You can save and recover your data securely in Evernote, in iTunes or even in your business or home computer and not worry about your information getting lost, getting wet from the rain, getting eaten by your dog which you’ll probably experience with a physical notebook.

    • If you’re an avid Apple user, you may tend to always carry your iPad anyway so why not take full advantage of it by putting all your notes there instead.

    There are a dozen business apps but only a few decent, note taking apps which enables you to write comfortably. If you’re looking for one of the easiest to use, best note taking app that perfectly mimics the that intuitive ink-on-paper feeling so smoothly, you’ll feel as if you’re using a real pen and paper instead, then get Noteshelf.

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