Goal in mind 🔗

At some point in one’s life, you start thinking about how you wish to spend your final weeks & days on Earth. As a member of Humanity, you are limited in both health and life spans. This mortal “limiter” is arguably the main reason we often drive ourselves crazy trying to get some things done in short periods.

I find it effective to consider life in reverse. Start with your final day. How should you imagine that day would be? Would you have family and friends nearby? Would you have a comfortable bed or suitable environment worthy to accept your dying corpse? Once you have decided this, then you should endeavor to build your life around everything it takes to achieve that goal.

My Dream 🔗

In my case, my dream is to have a large family and a good sized home. Somewhere up north where I can enjoy the gorgeous winter nights and clean, crisp air away from the busy and polluted city streets. Have a home that my kids would be proud to live and bring grandkids home. I wish for my final days to be in that dream home. And, if I’m lucky, maybe my kids will be there to wish my final farewell.

Now that I have decided my final days, I must work backwards to build that future. “Whatever it takes” has long been a motto of mine. If it means I spend a few endless nights singing my boys asleep or staying up late to finish a project, then that is what I will do. My eyes have never wavered from the prize.

Lifecycle 🔗

I’ve acknowledged where I am in my lifecycle. And, I refuse to be told I’m too old to make it work. I know myself better. Old should never equate with useless. In fact, I’m neither. I still have much to contribute to the tribe we call humanity.

Kurzgesagt 🔗