Not a day goes by that someone at the office isn’t getting sick from either the FLU (H3N2) or COVID-19… Since working remotely for the past two years, I’m not keen to return to the office. I have 18-month old twin boys at home. I have zero desire to bring anything home that would jeopardize their health.

And yet, I see more people unmasking in public. Let’s call them “covidiots.” They can be seen with a mask hanging from their ear while drinking or smoking. And, zero consideration for social-distancing. And then there are covidiots exercising on the sidewalks and streets. They have a mask that basically serves as a fashion statement for protecting their chins. Maybe those chin-protecters are actually there to collect sweat?

Last week, I got sick as my boys shared a gift they acquired from a playground my wife took them to… I knew it was the common-cold and that I would be miserable for a few days. Thankfully, it’s almost cleared out of my system now. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid influenza. My annual vaccinations are most likely the reason.

As the CDC reported on March 18:

CDC report on Flu activity

CDC’s most recent FluView report shows that flu activity is increasing across most of the United States after declining from mid-December through January. Currently, activity is highest and increasing fastest in the central and south-central parts of the country. This is an unusual time for flu activity to be increasing, and it is unclear how long increases will continue. Flu activity is hard to predict, and CDC believes that flu vaccination at this time could still be beneficial for people who have not yet been vaccinated. While preliminary vaccine effectiveness estimates suggest that this season’s vaccines have not reduced the risk of mild to moderate illness caused by the most common H3N2 viruses, vaccination has been shown in the past to offer protection against more serious outcomes in people who get vaccinated but still get sick. Vaccination also could protect against illness caused by other flu viruses if those begin to circulate more commonly later this season.

Despite recommendations from health authorities, people continue to give viruses a free pass to travel everywhere. “Misery loves company” but I don’t want your damn virus. Stop being such a fucking selfish-child and put your damn mask on. 🤬 Stay home if you’re even slightly sick.

Don't be Covidiot