2023 is the year you build a life you don’t need to escape from.

Free just means you’ve got time to learn, have fun, explore spirituality, and be creative without having money on the brain 24/7.

I developed a simple formula anyone can follow.

People pay me a lot of money to learn this formula. Today I’m going to give it to you for free. What are you waiting for?

Get a 9-5 job you can be lazy at 🔗

The typical criteria for a job needs to be thrown in the lake.

There are plenty of email jobs mixed with a few Zoom meetings that you can get and be a lazy mofo at. Get one.

The best way to research which companies have the easy life is to speak to existing employees. It’s even better if you’re friends with a few or have previously worked with them.

Questions to ask:

  • What time do you finish?
  • Is this hiring manager a hard ass?
  • Does everyone come to the office every day?
  • Reckon I can do a side hustle in combination with this job?

You’re looking for cracks in the corporate machine. These jobs exist all over the planet. You’ve just got to do some basic research and dare to ask the hard questions.

One of my favorites is sales jobs.

You’re measured based on how much you sell, not hours worked. So if you attend some beginner sales training and learn how to DM on LinkedIn, you can smash targets without a lot of effort.

Then all you do is side hustle and chill.

Write daily online about 1 or 2 topics 🔗

Not all of you think you’re writers. I get it. But you are.

If you sent an email today you qualify. Yay. Nice job. High-five. This step requires you to know yourself — like what the heck are you interested in Me? I like books. I like crazy tweet threads and inspirational stories with a Disney happy ending. You do you.

Mind map it if you have to. I’m sure there are two topics in the world you can’t shut up about.

Next step: choose a place to write about these 1–2 topics. It needs to be daily. Remember, you’re pissing it in at your new cushy job so there’s time.

Make it interesting. Be entertaining. Be a little funny.

Follow the data to see which content deserves a follow-up piece or a further deep dive. Come on, kids playing Fortnite can do this.

Why not you?

Build an unsexy email list 🔗

Yep, a predictable part of the formula.

You knew it was coming. I sound like a broken record but it’s my job to ensure you eat your Weet-Bix.

Email lists are still the best way online to talk to people and dare ask for money in return for products/services that’ll one day make you as free as a bee. Whoopee!

The unsexy part is you’re relentless at pointing to your email list everywhere you show up online. If your butcher will allow it, add ’em to your email list. If you go on a date, add ’em to your email list.

Heck, if your 9–5 customers ask for your contact details, give them your email list. Joking not joking. You get the point. Always-be-emailing.

The part of the process most never do 🔗

Time to get to the more advanced stuff.

Email lists are great. Congrats you’re as well-known as hulk Hogan now. The real point of writing online and building an email list is to find problems. Why?

Because to set yourself free requires multiple income streams, and people pay handsomely to have their problems solved.

The easiest way I’ve discovered people’s problems over the years is by sending short google surveys.

Just ask people what their problems are in a smart way. Do you struggle with finding a job? Do you struggle with money issues? Do you struggle with getting laid?

Whatever your niche, ask and they will come. People love to tell you their problems. Let them. Then put the results in a nice sexy pie graph to visualize them.

Sell stupidly simple products/services to fix them 🔗

I hinted at it but you people are too smart, I tell ya.

Products/services are just solutions to problems. Harvard lied and tried to make business and money sound more complicated than it is.

The product or service can be anything.

  • Sell a course full of solutions
  • *Run an event full of solutions
  • Write a book on the solutions
  • Coach people on the solutions
  • Give a paid talk on the solutions
  • Run a mastermind full of solutions
  • Build a community full of people who can give solutions
  • Sell other people’s products who’ve already got the solutions

How many more damn times do you want me to say solutions?

There are three types of solutions: 🔗

  1. Here’s how to find the solution yourself
  2. Let me build the solution for you
  3. Let me go ahead & come up with the solution then implement it for you

The last option is where the big bucks is.

Once online money outgrows your salary, quit 🔗

Money should now be trickling in.

You’ve got your sweet-as job that’s still cranking away too. Sit tight. Build. Iterate. Let results compound.

At some point the money from the problems you solve online will outgrow the salary at your cushy AF job. This is what I call the crossover point.

It’s the point where you need a little courage to quit the job and trust that you can do this side thing for a long time. Hand in your resignation. Be nice on the way out. Now you’re free.

This is the exact strategy I used to become a 7-figure creator. Steal it so you can set yourself free in 2023.