Lying in bed while my right torso is throbbing in pain.

Surgery took 4hrs… Feel like beat-up shit… 😭

Maybe they used my body for a dance floor…😉 I remember music in the background.

Hopefully the metal plate they placed in my shoulder will completely restore my right arm.

I should be okay by the end of this week. By then I should be able to use my right arm and hand.

I don’t recall the exact details of the ski crash as I apparently hit my head. My right torso has suffered some serious injury. I have a fractured right pinky, broken ribs, and a mangled right collars bone.

This crash happened on my second day at the famous Hakuba ski resort. 🎿 Was doing great. Even carving up the icy snow from the peak of the mountain. Decided to speed down the panorama course. I’m told that I was going too fast and jumped a cliff side with a row of trees below.
After that, I recall waking to the rescue crew.
I guess I should take an advanced ski class and learn how to land. 😀😉