• I’ve have lived in Japan for almost four years now. Looking back, I have indeed accomplished a great number of things. Learning just enough Japanese (read, write, conversation) to survive. I’ve even managed to lose approximately 30Kg (66 pounds) net over those four years too! I’ve learned about the local city cultures of Tokyo and surrounding areas. Learning that Japanese women vary just as much as they do in the States. And, that most of them want a boyfriend that isn’t “fat…” Now, I have earned a Japanese driver’s license. I can legally rent and drive a car. I have my own apartment. And I’ve managed to get my life almost back to the point before I left the States for this crazy train ride in Japan.

    My first year was filled with endless races of work, train rides, sleep, and eating somewhere in between. With the exception of a Disney adventure or two, this mindless pace continued through the next few years. As I have been looking back, I’ve noticed that I have not yet fully enjoyed Japan. While I have ideas and plans to create my own online business… I also want to take my time, relax, and travel around this adopted home of mine. I almost feel that I need to clone myself just to accomplish everything I want to do. I need a copy of myself that can be devoted to just writing code for my websites. A copy that will do the art and design work. Another that will do the house chores and sewing cloths (another of my business ideas). And of course a copy of me that brings home the paycheck to fund these ideas until they can fund themselves.

    Maybe that’s what I need. I need some venture capital to enable me the time I need just to put things in order. I calculate that I would need approximately $75,000 USD (650万円) to make it all happen. This is equivalent to a year’s salary. The only deference is I wouldn’t have to work for some large company doing what they want done… Instead, I would use the cash to fund my bare essentials and the cost of running an online company. I would effectively give myself a single year to make it happen. It’s all or bust. However, I have yet to find anyone that would be willing to provide the upfront capital. And here, I would need yet another clone of myself to find this money. The only question I have in my mind: how would I feed all the clones?

    Meanwhile, I wish to somehow disconnect from everything and everyone to just slow down and enjoy a stroll through Japan. There’s plenty of time for the race, yet only so much time to enjoy life.

    This Old Dinosaur
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