Japan - rain and lack of drains on the road< 🔗

Why is it that most of Japan’s roads have virtually no overflow drains? No curb drains? In a country where it rains often, I’ve wondered why the roads have no drains to collect the runoff and overflow. It’s a wonder there are not more wrecks on rainy days. While jogging to the train station, a passing truck splashes me with the overflowing water from the road. If it were not for my umbrella, I would have been soaked head to toe. Fortunately, my umbrella shield me from the waist up. I only had to allow my pants to dry on the train ride in to work.

Side walks - where? 🔗

Outside the megalopolis known as Tokyo, one would be hard pressed to find any real sidewalks to safely walk on. Pedestrians and drivers alike have to “share the roads.” Most drivers are not too kind to “share their space.” For this reason alone, I prefer to walk to the train station on a path that has a rather wide, by Japan standards, sidewalk.

Girls and short skirts 🔗

I have once again observed that most girls from junior high through ladies in their 20’s and beyond wear short skirts. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy looking at their soft legs. I’ve seen girls in skirts so short that when they sit down, bend over, or ride the escalator, their panties are easily viewable. But why do they get mad when they notice us (men) looking at them?! They should know that men will stare! And, in knowing this. They should expect a certain level of attention. I’ve noticed that some ladies have skirts with a partition that prevents anyone from seeing their panties. That’s smart. It’s a compromise of short-skirt and short-pants. They are designed to function like shorts but made to look like a skirt. I actually find this more teasing. My point is simply, women should dress to the level of attention they desire. They should expect men to stare at them if their clothes show more skin. Ladies should consider not just the fashion point of view, but the practical side as well. More skin equates to more attention. This is how most men think - in logic and lust.
On the other side of the coin, I’m aware that most ladies don’t like to be treated like an object. I’ve been told they hate it when a man makes them feel like something on a store shelf that can be touched and/or bought. They say they want to be treated as a person and not an object to droll over. Sure, I understand their point. But my point is simply they should not get upset if their skirt is so short that I can’t miss the outline of their body. Balance is the key here.

Mackell, Hugh (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
indeed... this is a good question.  I go out of my way to look
once a girl gave me a dirty face when she saw me staring at her yumminess and I said "if you don't want me to look then wear a longer skirt"... she got more pissed off but an old lady who was next to us said "sou da yo ne~! mijikasugiru yo!"  it was funny
8:44Bartlett, Richie (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
How did you say that in 日本語?
8:45Mackell, Hugh (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
mite hoshikunaindattara, motto nagai skaato kireba ii yo
8:45Bartlett, Richie (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
8:45Mackell, Hugh (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
that's what I said, but it might be incorrect japanese
8:45Bartlett, Richie (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
makes sense to me.
8:45Mackell, Hugh (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
I'm not sure if you "kiru" a skirt or you "haku" it...
8:46Bartlett, Richie (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
8:46Mackell, Hugh (GIS APAC, Technology Services)
generally, things you put on over the top of your body, you say kiru... but things you put on from the bottom you say haku.. like shoes or pants..