Richie Bartlett

Why do people judge you by your appearance??This has bothered me for some time. If I can prove my objective thinking and knowledge, then why does it matter how I dress?“Presentation” seems to be what all people look at… Even those in the States.
It just seems odd to me that well-dressed people with “no skills” get the higher paying jobs while those that are able to actually do those jobs are left by the sidelines.More to the point: Why must this “game” be played and who decided the rules?This “game…” Could it be associated with the perception of one’s status?
Does this status have any political affiliation?
Why is this “skill” of presentation valued higher than actual technical skill?My observation is the “presentable man” (with far less technical skill) will be rewarded with higher salary compared to the nerd with lousy fashion sense but superior technical skills…Technical knowledge required for the job requires 10+ years study and experience to effectively perform the tasks. However, the fashion minded man is a smooth talker that knows just barely enough to fool the interviewers. Yet the nerd is left out on the streets…When I explore this topic from a historical point of view it starts to make sense.
Like primates, humans are desperately concerned with status. When we look at how people dressed prior to the industrial revolution (and before), we see that only those with high status could afford nice clothes and perfumes…
A person that sold you the impression that they were “high class” would demand the higher salary. The higher salary would of course afford them a larger variety of wardrobe to maintain that perception.
I have focus so keenly on objective thinking that I had undervalued subjective thinking. To sell one’s status is to give the impression of one’s “technical skills.”I believe this nerd can learn to read GQ magazine…😉

Is this true?


Don’t ignore the portion of this that includes the more ‘presentable’ person in this situation is usually a more effective communicator. And in the business world, communication skills are also sought after. So a person that is presentable and a good communicator, but lacks some technical skill vs a tech that can’t communicate and isn’t presentable…
Also, you work as a consultant. Which is as much presentation as it is technical…