Richie Bartlett

New iPad ad focuses on getting things done | ZDNet
Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s Surface in the workplace.

Apple has always shied away from throwing a never-ending stream of tech specs at its potential customers, but its latest iPad Air 2 ad campaign is all about people using the iPad to get things done.

The campaign, called Change, shows people using a variety of apps to do things from create animations using iStopMotion to tune up a car using OBD Fusion. The ad blasts away the idea that the iPad is a content consumption device while simultaneously showing off the varied ecosystem of apps that it supports.

The only bit of ‘tech spec’ offered by Apple in this ad is the claim that the iPad Air 2 is the thinnest and lightest iPad. No mention of screen density, processor speed, RAM or anything else going on inside the device. It’s also not referred to as a tablet - an increasingly crowded space - but simply as the iPad.