• I recently received the results of my physical from last month, I had a check-up which found that my blood pressure was “normal” but on the high side. Additionally, the urine test showed that my urine acid was slightly high. This may account for the “strong body odor” ​that Naoko was talking about. The solution here is quite simple: drink more water! The more water you drink, the less the systolic and diastolic BP values differ. And, when combined with exercise will lower the blood pressure. Additionally, by drinking upto 3.5L per day you can reduce the uric acid in the blood. The by-product of increased water consumption will force increased urination which will increase the rate at which the body cleanses itself.

    Since the “smell” would increase due to extra acid in my urine, then my body’s smell would also increase. Therefore, reducing consumption of sweets and alcohol plus, increase intake of water with exercise will improve your body’s smell!

    I will try to change my habits to reduce this “smell…”

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