• List of things about Naoko that I like or “hate…” :

    Good Bad
    1. Charming
    2. Feisty
    3. Academic
    4. Wants family and children
    5. Hates Tobacco
    6. does not drink alcohol - good for baby
    7. Hint of rebelliousness
    8. *seems* to have accepted my disability
    9. Fluent Japanese -- makes it better for me to learn.
    10. Down to Earth - Practical
    11. Does not seem to want fancy clothes
    12. Mostly honest - hidden debt?
    13. Cooks Japanese food.
    14. Could be a good teacher...
    1. Impatient
    2. Short-tempered
    3. Sometimes short-sighted
    4. College educated but no career
    5. Can't hold a job longer than a year
    6. *seems* to care too much about my job situation -- I should have never told her about BofA! (At least, not until the ink was dry on the contract.)
    7. Has "broke-up" twice now with me. [Strike 3, she's out!]
    8. (Recently) won't allow me to sleep in her apartment when visiting Nagoya
    9. Asking for money and then "running..."
    10. "shitty" birthday treatment.

    Questions yet to be answered:

    • Would she be willing to become a house wife?
    • If needed (or she wanted), could she find a job in Tokyo?
    • Could she learn to _sew_? I would like to _start making clothes_!
    What Naoko Likes/Hates About Me