• Started with me visiting my Mom and brother in Texas (at least I think it was Texas… had the sense that it was “home…”) There was an earthquake and I was apparently injured as I had a gash cut across the right-side of my head.
    When I became conscience, The world seemed a bit different. For one, Mom was a bit skinnier and the house seemed to have improved dramatically. I asked mom what happened to brother, and she responded with “who is ‘bro’?” Strange that she would forget her first son… As I looked around, I noticed that everyone seemed to be preparing for something…
    Then mom proclaims “We have a star!” Huh? A star? Next, everyone is putting the final touches to our space ship before beginning our migration to the outer reaches of space.

    As I was helping to build the new house on our new planet, I fell to the ground and then actually woke up to reality next to Akiko. What a strange and wonderful dream!

    Retire From the Rat-Race
    McDonald Does Delivery!!?