• My son, you were so dear.
    Oh how I truly wished you were here.
    So many years have passed.
    Fond are our memories to the very last.
    Simple, it seems, are the little things.
    So dearly I held you close.
    I wanted you to know, I loved you the most.
    How harsh is Life?
    But you knew not a single strife.
    Innocent and pure, you always were…

    Remember the times we used to play?
    Why must it be this way?
    So hard, I cried
    the day you died.
    Looking up, heavy clouds fill my sky.
    Now I sit before you, at the place of your rest
    knowing that I loved you best.
    Trying so desperately to say “Good Bye…”
    And so, this poem will rest, with you, where you lie.
    “Good Bye, My Son…”

    Be Me, Be Free!
    Jerry "Furball" Bartlett Jr