• I awoke this morning only to remember some very vivid fragments of some frightening dreams. I dreamed that I was in a big earthquake. I found myself in bed when the shaker struck my home. I had the sense that I was on the 2nd or 3rd story. My bedroom had a balcony facing a small garden. As the low rumble of vibrations began, I opened my eyes to see what was going on. My experience is that very large quakes start with these type of rumbles. I waited in bed trying to decide if I should roll off the bed. I wouldn’t want to be crushed by anything. Then the shaking became more violent. I fell out of bed and grabbed a change of clothes. I wouldn’t want to be running around in just my diaper. Besides, I needed a change. The the shaking subsided a bit. The next thing I know, there was a large lunge and the entire house moved! Somehow, I found myself outside in front of my house. It had moved about 10 meters into the street. I looked back at my house and saw it still intact. The rest of the “quiet” Japanese neighborhood had panic-struck faces standing around. I noticed that it was actually a house – not an apartment building (that I’m living in now). I had a sense of relief that my home was still intact. Fully clothed, I began to inspect my house and wondered how I would return it to the plot of land from where it originated.

    After I awoke to reality and recalled the fantastic dream, I wondered what would cause a house to lunge as it did in my dream. I don’t recall if the house was built on a hill. I don’t remember if the other houses had moved, but I know there was a lot of commotion. I definitely had the sense that the entire event happened within Japan. I can’t recall much more. But the entire memory of it still remains. I find it interesting that I had a house. It’s something that I want to work towards while I’m in Japan. Along with having a family. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone else with me… I was alone in the bed of my dream. This is a slightly depressing thought. I know I wasn’t fat in my dream, so that is one problem I will resolve.

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