Night’s fall cues my daily ritual.
With all that is spiritual.
Wettin’ my tongue, looking for rest.
Only my favorite, which is best.

Rays divided when held in light.
Tonight begins with another flight.
Inhaling its smell, feeling light.
I’m all alone, so it’s alright.
Sitting back, I recline.
All in view is mine.

With holy water, I begin my trip.
Finding life’s drink at my lip.

I drift to a foreign land.
Holding life by the hand.
Up Fuji-san, I start my travel.
Life’s road begins to unravel.

The trail is rough goin’ up.
Once more, I refill my cup.

At the ryokan, I check in.
Enjoyin’ life, it must be sin.
To beauty before me, I make a toast.
Pretty little Asian walkin’ up a coast.

Back to the room, lady I take.
Throughout the night, heat we make.

Eyes wide open, once more I’m alone.
Refilling spirits, I set the tone.
From the subway, I ride a train.
Out the window, pours some rain.

Lookin’ about, I see an Asian in red.
Black silk, lovingly drapes from her head.
Taking a moment to enjoy her figure.
She looked up smiling as pretty as a picture.

Drifting back, I see my front door.
Opening up, all’s as just as before.
The TV was still on.
And now, all sakè is gone…