• Over the years, I’ve been watching Tesla Motors and other manufacturers start cranking out all electric vehicles. As someone that cares about the environment and the ecological damage Humans have pushed, I don’t really want an ICE (internal combustion engine) car. However, when considering the current recharging network and the cost of owning a BEV (battery electric vehicle), one must compromise somewhere.

    Would I like to have a Tesla CyberTruck? Sure would! Do I need one, not really. In my research for a more eco-friendly vehicle, I found electric-bicycles, trikes, and quads. These look awesome. I’m still somewhat athletic and can run 10km before I fall to the ground. So, having a vehicle that requires some physical effort on my part doesn’t dissaude me. Besides, I should probably get outside and excercise more often.

    While an electric bike is probably the cheapest and most convenient for people to travel, it has a number of disadvantages. It’s difficult to carry passengers and cargo. While I could go to the store for groceries in a bicycle, it limits what I can bring home. Quad-cycles are very much like a car, but muscle powered by your legs. The disadvantage of a quad is that like a car, they are heavy but can carry a lot more weight. A trike (or tricycle) is a compromise between a bicycle and a quad-cycle as the vehicle doesn’t weigh as much as a quad, but has comfort and easier maneuverability. Unfortunately, both the quad-cycles and trikes cost a lot more than your typical bicycle as they are not mass produced and require a lot of custom/ manual construction.

    As I’m looking to relocate my family to Hokkaido, Japan, I need something that can go uphill in the snow. So, the compromise I have decided is to buy a used SUV gas vehicle with 4WD. Then in the non-snow months, use a trike with trailer for transporting the kids or groceries home. This has lead to my research on trikes and trailers. Below are some videos I found to help arrive at my decision.


    What I learned a year after buying my first electric bike (RadRunner 1)

    This is the future of urban mobility. This is the answer to all of our problems. This is The Drycycle. This EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) is, as far as legislation is concerned, a bicycle - and may just be the solution to the issues caused in urban environments by heavy, polluting cars. In this video, Si challenges Hank to the ultimate city cycling challenge to see if the Drycycle really is the future.

    Video (5:28 minutes)


    At first, electric bikes looked a bit weird on the city streets – traveling faster than a conventional bicycle, with the rider having to barely pedal.
    Now, there are many different makes, models, designs, and levels of electric motor assistance. All the way from helping with steep hill climbs up to and including never having to ever pedal again. To celebrate the e-bike, here are the top 5 most innovative electric bike companies - made in America.

    Video (15:31 minutes)

    Recumbent Bike

    A recumbent bike, unlike a typical bicycle where you are almost standing up, is a type where you can sit backwards with your feet pointing to the front of the vehicle. One of the main advantages of this type of bike is the aerodynamic efficiency of it. You’re ususally lower to the ground and this creates less coefficient drag as you push yourself through the air.

    I didn’t know it at the time, but I started my cycling experience on a recumbent trike when I was a kid. Now that I’m much older, I seem to be going back to those days.


    Do You Really Need A Car? | Why E Bikes Could Be The Future Of Personal Transport

    Everyone, even cyclists generally accept that cars are essential for everyday modern life. They can carry your shopping, you don’t get sweaty while driving them, and you can take your kids to school in them. But are they really that vital?

    With the advancement of e-bikes, there are more and more solutions for replacing cars in your everyday life, from commuting, to going to the shops. We wanted to see if Si could actually go without his car, using a pedal assisted cargo bike and a more conventional e-bike. As it turns out, he wasn’t the only one to enjoy it, which left us wondering whether you really need a car at all?

    Video (17:06 minutes)

    Why ride a recumbent trike? | Trikes vs Bikes

    Why ride a recumbent trike? Is it better than a regular bike? In this recumbent trike review video we try to compare trikes vs bikes and address the main differences between riding a recumbent trike and a standard upright bike. We discuss the main recumbent trike pros and cons that we experienced during the past few months of riding our Steintrikes Wild One trikes and having family adventures on trikes.

    Video (12:39 minutes)

    Genius or Bonkers? We Find Out If Drycycle Is The Future Of Cycling

    This is the future of urban mobility. This is the answer to all of our problems. This is The Drycycle. This EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) is, as far as legislation is concerned, a bicycle - and may just be the solution to the issues caused in urban environments by heavy, polluting cars. In this video, Si challenges Hank to the ultimate city cycling challenge to see if the Drycycle really is the future.

    Video (19:06 minutes)

    Recumbent Bike Vs Road Bike: Manon Challenges Hank To A Race

    Recumbent bikes are the fastest type of bicycle thanks to their aerodynamics and low position. But just how do they compare to a road bike? Manon took on James around Castle Combe race track to find out in a time trial challenge.

    Video (9:11 minutes)

    Recumbent Trike Pros vs Cons

    Recumbent trikes. They’ve become pretty popular.What are the pluses and minuses? In this video, I give my opinion on the pros vs. cons of owning and riding a ‘bent trike.

    Video (16:45 minutes)

    11 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR TRIKE FASTER - Recumbent Trike Speed Tips

    One of the most common questions that we get from customers is “How do I get my trike to go faster?!” That resonates with us on a personal level as the majority of us here at the shop LOVE speed. This obviously isn’t a comprehensive list, but here are 11 tips, form us to you, on how to get a little more speed out of your beloved recumbent.

    Video (12:50 minutes)

    Trike at First Sight: Comparing Trike Brands

    Well…. a year has passed since we were supposed to leave, and i am happy to say that the trip is still on. For those that were disappointed about the lack of updates or new information, or with my admission that we were not going, the trip is still happening.. and it has been decided to use a HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS. For anyone that is interested you can look at the trip on my website www.jayoe.com or check out my youtube channel for more information. Ill have some great trike videos coming out soon as i go to germany to assemble my trike next month!

    Video (5:50 minutes)

    Building a World Tour Recumbent Trike | JaYoe Travelogues Backstory

    If I am going to ride a trike around the world, I want to make sure I know the inner workings of how it’s put together. So I returned to Kriftel, Germany to assemble my trike under the guidance of the knowledgeable and talented HP Velotechnik staff.

    Anny came along with me on this trip, and was my camera-woman, while I got to work building my trike from the ground up. The whole process took about 3 days, and was well worth it.

    HP Velotechnik is a company specialized in manufacturing recumbent bikes and trikes, and lead the industry. Find them at www.hpvelotechnik.com.

    Video (21:53 minutes)

    Taiwan, where your BIKE, TRIKE, QUAD was born!

    In Taoyuan, Taiwan you can find Pacific Cycles. It’s a cycle factory that makes the base components for a lot of the speciality recumbent, electric and standard bikes, trikes, unicycles and quads in the world today! They actually make the frame components for my trike, the HP Velotechik Scorpion 20fs! Join me as I tour their museum and factory floor and get a sneak peek at the birthplace for what could be the cycle you are riding now!

    Pacific Cycle founded itself on the niche of being the company that can make the technically difficult. They are focused, streamlined, and do what they do very well. People come to them from all over the world when they have been turned away from other more traditional factories that were intimidated by designed thought to be too aggressive.

    Video (18:42 minutes)

    What E-bike Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know. Watch before buying an electric bike!

    E-bikes are currently still in the “Wild West” state of being as prices and quality are not stable. I blame E-bike brands. They really are Middle men. They purchase bikes in bulk from a manufacturer in China and slap their logo on the frame and mark up the price 200-300%. INSANE.
    Whats worse is when you try to get support for the bike from them. Often times the people that work for the company don’t know their own product (trust me) and the brand themselves often times have trouble keeping parts for their bikes on hand for support since the manufacturer sells to many other brands as well.

    Video (3:58 minutes)

    Brand comparisions

    AZUB Ti-Fly X * Pros/Cons * Why We Chose This Recumbent Trike

    Today we would like to present our AZUB Ti-Fly X, why we decided to buy this trike and what our experiences are so far. So it is about our personal experiences and estimations.

    AZUB Ti Fly X vs HP Velotechnik Scorpion FX 20…

    Video (9:56 minutes)

    AZUB Fat Ti FLY 20

    Aaaaaaand we’re back with a custom build. Check out this custom Azub Ti FLY X transformed to an Azub FAT Ti FLY 20. That’s right. We pulled the 26 inch wheels off one of our favorite trikes and swapped them for some 20 x 4 inch fat wheels. This trike has all the comfort of Azub’s leaf spring suspension as well as off-road capability for our rough riding enthusiasts. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. https://UtahTrikes.com

    Video (8:51 minutes)

    AZUB recumbents 2021 news summary

    For the 2021 season, we have got some new additions for you that could be summed up as “The Colour Power.” The reason is simple. We have expanded our optional extra color portfolio by several new colors and added the most powerful of the Shimano motor. Besides, the CORE level trikes can now be ordered in two colors. Plus, there is also a new flag to brighten up your ride.

    Video (7:58 minutes)

    Hp Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26 Enduro

    Riding the Scorpion FS 26 in snow.

    Video (6:45 minutes)

    BEST OFF-ROADING TRIKE? Ti FLY X VS. ICE Full Fat - 2020 Trike Comparison

    You asked. We answered. Which trike is the BEST off-roading trike on the market?!!! Obviously there are lots of variables and both the ICE Full Fat and Azub Ti FLY X have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to off road riding. The Ti FLY will tear down dirt or gravel paths AND is an absolute blast on the road. It’s agile and has very responsive handling, not to mention that full suspension is an absolute dream, BUT… Can it go everywhere? Not really. If you want a true all-terrain trike, the Full Fat will take you wherever you want to go, although it might take a little bit longer than it would on a Ti FLY X. Decide what kind of riding you want to do, and start from there!

    Video (22:56 minutes)

    FULL SUSPENSION AZUB Ti FLY and Ti FLY X - The Ultimate Crossover Trike!!

    Rivaling the HP Velotechnik Enduro as our favorite crossover trike, the Azub Ti FLY is one-of-a-kind full suspension recumbent that can handle long expeditions and gnarly mountains. Azub’s craftsmanship and innovative design is truly unparalleled in the recumbent world. When it comes to the Ti FLY line up there is a trike for everyone. Choose between the Ti FLY 20, Ti FLY 26 and Ti FLY X, all boasting Azub’s signature titatnium leaf spring front suspension paired with rear suspension. If you want something that is going to turn heads and give you one of the most comfortable rides of your life, look no further.

    Video (26:03 minutes)

    Recumbent trikes in the snow

    Someone asked how the recumbent trikes did in the snow. So this morning we went out and gave the a try. I think with some adjustments of tire pressure, they should do pretty well.

    Video (4:10 minutes)

    What’s The Best Size Rear Wheel For A Recumbent Trike?

    We explore the positives and negatives of the different size rear wheels on recumbent tadpole trikes.

    Video (5:50 minutes)

    How to Not Get Hit by a Car While Riding a Recumbent Trike (or recumbent bike, or road bike, or…)

    Just a few tips on how to avoid a collision with those inattentive drivers who are looking to “take you out”.

    Video (7:19 minutes)

    Recumbent Bike Accessories

    Below are some videos that showcase the type of add-ons / accessories that I’d like to customize my future trike.

    Why I love Bafang motors on Custom Electric Bikes


    Video (4:00 minutes)

    6 SPEED PINION + 14 SPEED ROHLOFF?! The Ultimate in Gearing!

    What do you get when you combine a Pinion with a Rohloff? Virtually endless gearing, that’s what. Van’s Road AR build is outfitted with a 6-speed pinion on the front paired with the 14-speed Rohloff in the rear. It’s a monster! We were also STOKED to have our friend Mark in the shop for a cable adjustment and we couldn’t pass on an opportunity to do a little Q&A with an avid triker.

    Video (15:56 minutes)

    Rohloff Speedhub Pros vs Cons | Recumbent Trikes

    What do I think of the Rohloff Speedhub? Watch and find out.

    Video (18:11 minutes)

    What’s The ULTIMATE Bicycle Gearbox? Rohloff Hub VS Pinion Gearbox

    Welcome to the internet’s most thorough analysis of these bicycle gearbox systems! 😎

    📘 The Bikepacking Bike Buyer’s Guide: https://www.cyclingabout.com/bikepacking-bike-buyers-guide/
    📕 The Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide: https://www.cyclingabout.com/touring-bicycle-buyers-guide/

    Video (10:50 minutes)

    My Terratrike Modifications

    Here are the modifications I made to my Terratrike Path and some of the accessories I have…

    Video (22:59 minutes)

    DIRECT VS. INDIRECT STEERING - What Do I Choose?! - Is One Better Than The Other?

    We get this question a LOT: Should I choose direct or indirect steering? Truth be told, this really is a question of preference. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but your steering doesn’t really affect how your trike handles. Handling has more to do with things that are built into your trike (castor/camber, head tube inclination, etc). Our suggestion to you is to choose the trike and not the steering. Don’t let how your handlebars are set up be a total deal breaker.

    Here are a few key points:
    Indirect Steering is found on more premium trikes like ICE, HP Velo and Azub models, and it tends to provide a smoother ride since your hands are more removed from the wheels. This steering also feels a little more intuitive, but it’s lacking in adjustability compared to direct steering models.

    Direct Steering is found on on trikes like Sunseeker, KMX and Catrike models and has more adjustability than indirect steer trikes. Riders who prefer direct steering have stated that they like the way they can “feel the road” and they feel like they have a little more control. You will feel vibration from the road a bit more with direct steering, but you will have more places to mount accessories.

    Video (20:09 minutes)

    Recumbent Trike Seats: Mesh vs Hard Shell. Is One Type Better Than Another?

    Rich and I explore the differences between mesh and hard shell recumbent trike seats.

    Video (6:09 minutes)

    WHY Batteries are BETTER Than A DYNAMO

    How we keep our electronics charged on a bike tour or bike trip.

    Video (6:02 minutes)

    How Much Do Dynamo Hubs Really Slow You Down?

    And is dynamo drag too much? Let’s run the numbers.

    Video (7:28 minutes)

    UTCustom Heel Support Pedals - Secure Your Feet to Your Trike

    Our UTCustom Heel Support Pedals are an awesome option for anyone who finds they have a hard time keeping their feet on the pedals. They’re comfortable, easy to install, and a breeze to use.

    Video (2:34 minutes)


    Today for cycle Sunday I discuss as much as I can about my pedal configuration and placement. How and why I came to have an unorthodox style of foot placement, and if my pedal extenders and pedal choice have helped my ride over the years. I also talk about my knee problems and my overall knee health.

    Video (10:11 minutes)

    HASE BIKES - Adjustable Cranks - function and application

    Hornit and AirZound horn review…
    Of all the different kinds of bike horns and bells that we’ve tried over the years the AirZound is by far the best and loudest. It really keeps us safe by letting traffic know we’re next to them or to announce our presence at intersections and in heavy city traffic.

    Video (10:02 minutes)

    Terra Cycle - Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount

    Beautiful. Durable. Functional. If you don’t have one, the Multi-Purpose Accessory Mount is the best thing that hasn’t happened to your bike. But chances are this isn’t your first time here, because few people buy just one. We don’t necessarily condone it, but this lightweight mount is so strong, you can lift your bike by it. What’s amazing, though, is that with its dual pivoting legs that come in three sizes, it can mount anywhere. Seriously. Just go ahead and check out our Accessory Mount Photo Gallery to see some inventive combinations other customers have come up with.

    Check out the mount here: https://t-cycle.com/collections/accessory-mounts/products/multipurpose-accessory-mount

    Add one or two Extender Kits (http://t-cycle.com/-p-29.html) and you’ll suddenly find yourself with more room than you know what to do with! The triangulating legs cut out the shaking that flimsier mounts create, and allows for insane versatility.
    Go ahead, buy just one. We’ll have another ready for you when you’re back for more.

    Now…. for this one I personally do not think i will keep it on the front, as shown in the video. I have a VELTOP that will use this trike real estate… but i wanted to show how most people use this component.

    TerraCycle, Inc.
    5726 SE Center
    Portland, OR 97206 USA
    1-800-371-5871 (North America)
    +1 503-231-9798 (Outside North America)

    Video (48 seconds)

    Terra Cycle - HPVT Scorpion SeatSide Mount Kit (Back of Seat)

    One of the great things about triking is how nice it is to have everything right at hand as you roll along. With a SeatSide mount, you can have all sorts of things close at hand.

    Our HP Velotechnik Scorpion SeatSide Mount lets you carry bags, water bottles, cameras, all sorts of things, right by your side. Snacks, phones, lip balm, you name it, now you can keep it all within reach while riding.

    This mount attaches to the back of any ErgoMesh seat. The mount curves out and down to stay clear of the seat adjustment clamp and the rear rack, then it comes forward to your side. The seatside arm can be attached on either side, or (optionally) both if you wish.

    They have side seat mounts for all sorts of scenarios. Just ask them. For me, i wanted to have bags on BOTH SIDES. most trikers will only want one side bag. I wanted to have access to my most used camera equipment and lenses…and i didn’t want to increase my overall width too much outside my wheelbase. When the setup arrived, it was compensating for the width a bit too much for my taste, so a few simple cuts and relocating the ends allowed me to get the bags to hug the seat a little more. Now i am streamlines and can get at all my stuff in Arkel’s waterproof durable bags!

    Check it out on their website here: https://t-cycle.com/collections/seatside-mount-products

    Video (2:58 minutes)

    Terra Cycle - Cockpit Mount/Vertical Attachment

    The Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment allows you to position cockpit mounts anywhere and everywhere in your cockpit. With two Double-Ended Clamps, a 40mm Straight Link Tube, and a 5” x 9” Asymmetric T-Bar, forward/backward, left/right, and up/down transform from obstacles to options! Made for attachment to vertically oriented handlebars (like most trikes and USS recumbents), the Cockpit Mount with Vertical Attachment lets you put everything in the ideal position.

    Note that Cockpit Mounts are designed for mounting accessories like computers, phones, lights, mirrors, and GPSs. They are not designed to be an exit assist grip. They are strong, but not that strong! If you need an exit assist grip, you will need something designed for that purpose.

    I personally found that this mount allowed me to separate my ride computer and my phone in a way that was stable, but also separate enough that they didn’t get in each others way. I found it hard to have both my phone and my computer on the same plane… but this helped stagger them so both were equally visible.

    If you are looking to get anything from Terra Cycle, you can find them online at: http://t-cycle.com

    Video (2:07 minutes)

    Terra Cycle - Bottle Mount

    This is a mixture of Terra Cycle parts that allowed me to clamp a bottle mount onto one of my upright stand up assists from HP Velotechnik. I wanted to have something up higher and upright that i could access easily on the road.. and this fit the bill. My standup assist bars are a great base to build accessories onto, and I am glad i could hook this up!

    If you are looking to get anything from Terra Cycle, you can find them online at: http://t-cycle.com

    Video (1:08 minutes)

    Terra Cycle - Mini Cockpit T

    Ever wish you could mount a mirror off to the side of your handlebar? Ever wish you could put your computer right at the top of your handlebar? Ever wish you had a hand rest on the end of your handlebar? Ever wish you had something to grip to give you a little extra boost to get on and off the seat? Well, sometimes wishes come true! This mini T-bar plugs in and clamps on to the end of your handlebar and lets you do all those things and more!

    I personally found this helpful as a replacement to the hand shifter bar end, which was sort of flimsy and plastic. This replaced the cap with something durable, and usable. I had also bought 2 wrist rests from HP Velotechnik, and was a little dissatisfied with putting them under the brake lever. these ends allowed me to put them above the handles, raising my arm and elbow into a more comfortable riding position when I was in a cruising speed. I’m excited to put them to hard use on the road!


    If you are looking to get anything from Terra Cycle, you can find them online at: http://t-cycle.com

    Video (1:42 minutes)

    Finer Recliner Neckrest from TerraCycle

    The Finer Recliner neckrest from Terra Cycle is a replacement part for existing headrests on recumbent three wheeled trike designs of all makes and models. They are comfortable, customizable and can be installed to suit the rider.

    Watch as I install mine and configure it to work for me personally on the road.

    Direct Link to Terra Cycle’s Page: https://t-cycle.com/collections/finer-recliner-neckrests

    If you are looking to get anything from Terra Cycle, you can find them online at: http://t-cycle.com

    Video (10:04 minutes)

    HP Velotechnik Ergomesh Premium Seat First Look

    HP Velotechnik has long been recognized as a leader in comfortable suspension recumbent trikes. In 2021 they took another big step in improving rider comfort with the Ergomesh Premium seat. This new seat is available on new Scorpion line trikes and can be retrofit on older Scorpions.

    Video (9:43 minutes)

    Loudest Bike Horns in the world!! Hornit and AirZound horn review

    Hornit and AirZound horn review…
    Of all the different kinds of bike horns and bells that we’ve tried over the years the AirZound is by far the best and loudest. It really keeps us safe by letting traffic know we’re next to them or to announce our presence at intersections and in heavy city traffic.

    Video (10:02 minutes)


    In this video I compare and describe the different pro’s and con’s between the Arkel and Ortlieb handlebar/sidebags and why I am deciding to go to the Ortlieb bags.

    ** Note: Ortieb USA website is a crappy WordPress site that restricts traffic from Asia.

    Video (13:24 minutes)

    Recumbent Night Ride with LED Lights and Saber Whip

    Just a quick video before our ride testing out the new LED Frame lights and LED Sabers….

    Get yours at: https://ProGlowSports.com/Recumbent

    Video (43 seconds)

    New lights from Pro Glow Sport for my Recumbent Trike

    Amazing lights, takes 3 AAA batteries, easy installation and super bright! www.proglowsports.com

    Video (2:34 minutes)


    I put this video together to show the visibilities of flags in different situations and how the addition of streamers can create greater visual impact. I think my flags are very colorful, but i can show you in this video how they can disappear.

    Video (8:12 minutes)

    Flag or Blinky on a Recumbent Trike? Rich’s experience with both on his ICE VTX

    Rich compares the pluses and minuses of flags and blinkeys (flashing lights) on his ICE VTX recumbent trike.

    Video (7:20 minutes)

    Recumbent Trike Canopy

    This is a where-are-we-at-the-moment video! The various components of the design are complimenting one another quite nicely so I feel comfortable in publishing a ‘view’ of THE recumbent trike canopy.

    This is not intended to be a DIY project, therefore many of the details will be lacking. With that said, if you make your own canopy I hope it serves you well but unless apples are compared with apples canopies may in deed be quite different. This canopy has over 100-separate pieces in a complete system (each part replaceable!) not counting several press-fits that became ‘one’ each as being several.

    If you are interested in receiving additional information including prices please email your contact information and you will be placed on the info list. Also, if a physical address is supplied, I will be able to determine if I’ll be in or passing through your area and perhaps we can get together for a test ride. Also, please state whether or not you’d like fabric samples to be mailed. logbuilder@mindspring.com

    Video (6:31 minutes)

    BIG LEAF® Cycling Canopy Installation

    Preparing a recumbent trike for a cross-country tour involves stages of equipment evaluation. This GreenSpeed X-7 is being fitted with a BIG LEAF® Cycling Canopy for a number of reasons not the least of which is the additional protection from the Sun and other natural weather events. Then there are the creature comforts. Enjoy our ‘build’.

    Video (9:27 minutes)

    BIG LEAF® Cycling Canopy, 2018 Recumbent Cycle-Con

    My 1st Recumbent Cycle-Con show as an exhibitor proved to be educational on several fronts; I can do better! Hope you enjoy this capture of my little space there. Thanks for watching.

    logbuilder@mindspring.com (Ed Miller)
    (Seviervile, TN 37862, USA)

    Video (20:00 minutes)

    T-Cycle WINTR Fairing Kit Installation

    Mike and the gang are back to help grow our brains and show us how to install the WINTR Fairing Kit and make riding better than ever before!

    Video (16:31 minutes)

    Recumbent Trike HP Velotechnik Streamer Fairing - Quick Look

    You can find detailed instructions for use here: https://bit.ly/2NIgkZ5
    In this video we show you the function and application of the Adjustable cranks.

    Website: https://hasebikes.com/

    Video (1:32 minutes)


    Instead of spraying oil on your chain and polluting the environment, use a “Green Disk” to lubricate your chain. It also keeps your hands clean while oiling your gears.




    Quad Lock Stem / Handlebar Bike Mount for iPhone

    Bike mount: https://www.amazon.com/Quad-Lock-Bike-Mount-Pro/dp/B008O0USLO/
    Ring connector: https://www.amazon.com/Quad-Lock-Phone-Ring-Stand/dp/B0854FL4FC/
    iPhone 12 case: https://www.amazon.com/Quad-Lock-Case-iPhone-Pro/dp/B08NVLCSGJ/



    Today for Gear review I talk about my experiences with Quad Lock mounting systems for attaching your phone to your bike, trike, arm or tripod. The quad lock is an amazing tool for all of these purposes.

    Video (6:37 minutes)

    How To Lock Your Bike Securely | Urban Cycle Security Tips

    Locking your bike securely and properly is the best way to deter and stop bike theft, especially if you are leaving the bicycle for a long period of time in a town or city. We’ve teamed up with Kryptonite to explain the best way to safely lock your road bike up, and the different types of locks, cables and chains that are available.

    Video (14:25 minutes)


    For the trailer, using these LoadLok tracks can make quick mounts very easy!

    Used with SMARTLOK rails and locks.


    Since a bike/trike alone is unlikely to have the load capacity to carry everything and for safety reasons, I will want a trailer to attach. This would enable me to tow my twin sons and other cargo behind me as I travel to my destinations. Below are trailers of interest. I’m not looking for cheap, disposable trailers. I need something durable with a good weight capacity. Furthermore, it needs to be versatile - capable of multi-purose. For example, the trailer can be used like a stroller that I could push while jogging. Or, that I could attach my skis and pull my stuff home during the snowy winters.


    Cyclone Weber Hitch Adapter Setup

    By installing the Cyclone Weber Hitch Adapter you can use multiple Bike Trailers with one hitching system.

    Official Website and Store: https://www.radicaldesign.com

    Video (0:59 minutes)

    For Kids

    Top 5 Best Bicycle Trailers For Kids

    The 5 Best Bike Trailers on the Market! For more info on these products visit: https://wmojo.com/top5biketrailers

    Taking your little ones anywhere and everywhere with you can be a bit of a logistical challenge - especially when it comes to things like bike rides. But that’s what bike trailers are for! The question is, which bike trailer should you buy? Well, not to worry, we’re here to help you decide. We’ve sifted through numerous website and consumer reviews to present our 5 recommended products.

    Video (2:53 minutes)

    Reviewing a $900 Bike Trailer [Hamax Outback OWNER’S REVIEW]

    Here’s a hands-on owner’s review of the popular Hamax Outback bike trailer for kids. It’s a pricey trailer at around $900, but is it worth the money? Here’s everything you need to know about the Hamax Outback from an owner’s perspective!

    Video (9:29 minutes)

    Schwinn Joyrider Bike Trailer OWNER’S REVIEW

    This is a hands-on owner’s review of the popular Schwinn Joyrider bike trailer. Is it worth the money?

    Video (10:24 minutes)

    Hamax Bike Trailer + Jogging Stroller + Stroller - Two Seater!

    Hi everyone! If you LOVE to go biking with your family, you will love this Hamax outback bike trailer. It seats two children. Can also be used as a stroller or jogging stroller! Thanks for watching!

    Video (7:44 minutes)

    Hamax Outback bicycle trailer with skiing kit in the Norwegian mountains

    Hamax Outback is a multifunctional child carrier, and it can be used for biking, walking, skiing and jogging. The Outback has a comfortable interior and large windows which provide a good view for the child. The carrier is easy to fold and transport, and versatile in use for all kinds of terrains.

    Video (21 seconds)

    Hamax Outback Bike Trailer Review

    The Hamax Outback is a premium multi-sport trailer that can be used as a bike trailer, jogger, stroller, and ski trailer.

    Video (4:09 minutes)

    For bigger kids

    Large Bike Trailer “Special Needs” by WIKE REVIEW

    Check out the Wike special needs large bike trailer. This trailer is made for large kids up to 125 lbs and 5’3” tall. If you are looking for a large trailer for a family member that’s over 100 lbs then check you the Wike trailers. They make trailers that can hold upto 150 lbs

    Trailer shown in this video can be found here. https://wicycle.com/products/bike-trailers/large-special-needs-trailer

    After making the video I was contacted by Wike and they verified that the pin touching the fabric should not cause any issues because there is no friction between the two pieces.

    Video (15:49 minutes)

    JOSI Review: Adaptive Jogging Stroller + Bicycle Trailer

    Meet JOSI, a 2 in 1 Adaptive Stroller! Use it as a Walking/Jogging stroller OR use it as a Bicycle Trailer! In this video, we give you an in-depth look at JOSI and showcase all of its features and accessories. This is truly one of the most unique adaptive strollers on the market! Let us show you what makes JOSI so special in this full-length product review!

    JOSI website: https://www.josistrollerusa.com
    JOSI U.S.A email: josistrollerusa@gmail.com

    Video (11:06 minutes)

    Adaptive Bicycle Trailers - Eddy family video

    A great story about a great family! Thank you Lee, Sarah and Bryton for sharing this for others to see. We loved watching Bryton on her first ride.

    Video (8:04 minutes)

    For Cargo

    Smart, strong and secure cargo bike trailer with overrun brake | CARLA CARGO

    CARLA CARGO is the e-cargo bike trailer handmade in the Black Forest. Every CARALA has an overrun brake for your own security. We test every CARLA personally for its stability and the functioning of the overrun brakes before we deliver it to our customers. The CARLA shown in the video was tested with a load of 120kg. Even with this heavy cargo load you can stop within seconds and the trailer does not push your bike away.

    CARLA can be combined with any bike, ebike or cargo bike. With an eCARLA you can easily transport heavy cargo and deliver it comfortable and secure. CARLA CARGO is the modern and green solution for the last mile delivery in urban logistics.

    Video (1:26 minutes)

    Assembling My Custom Zarges Trailer

    After watching Matt from the Jayoe Nation show off his Absolutely beautiful Aidoo Trailer, I had a shot at making my own from scratch. Below is a video of his Aidoo https://youtu.be/xg1Wzsz00dM?t=10m2s

    The Base of the Trailer is a Hotmover trike that I cut and modified to fit the Zarges.

    The Hitch is the tried and tested yak bob fork. No reason to reinvent the wheel here. Yak Bob has a great product, So I added it to my build.

    The Tongue of the trailer is my own design welded together by Dogwoodcycleworx.

    The Main Body of the trailer is the Zarges 40567 aluminum box. Light weight and sturdy. This is the perfect combo.

    I will be installing hydraulic breaks at a later date.

    Model K470. ITs Huge for a bike Trailer. But surprisingly light weight.
    Part Number: Zarges Case 40567
    Overall Dimensions: 39.4” x 19.7” x 16.1”


    The frame is modified from a recumbent trike that I parted out for the suspension on the trailer. I’m currently working on a hitch for the trailer to attaché to a standard cargo bike.

    Video (1:00 minutes)

    Gear Review | Burley Coho XC Bikepacking Trailer

    In this video, I’m reviewing the Burley Coho XC bike packing trailer, which I recently tried on my first-ever bikepacking trip.

    Like many of you, I spend more of my time backpacking than biking but having this trailer made it really easy to enjoy the best of both worlds. I could carry all the gear I needed for an overnight camping trip, while at the same time, I could take advantage of the great single-track mountain biking trails in my area, and the added range that biking offers backcountry travellers.

    Have you ever tried (or considered trying) bikepacking? Let me know in the comment section below!

    Burley Design Coho XC: https://www.burley.com/product/coho-xc/

    Video (7:47 minutes)

    DIY Bike Bicycle Trailer Build - Part 1 Video Tutorial | Welding and Fabrication

    First part from two in building a small trailer for your bike. The video goes step by step through the process of building my homemade bicycle trailer with both my failures and victories. Hope you enjoy!


    Video (15:51 minutes)

    DIY Bike Bicycle Trailer Build - Part 2 SUCCESS! Tutorial Video | Metalworking and TIG welding

    In this part of the build we rebuild the bike attachment mechanism and finish up the project! Second part from two in building a small trailer for your bike. The video goes step by step through the process of building my home made bicycle trailer with both my failures and victories. Hope you enjoy!


    Video (14:13 minutes)

    Bike trailer part 3 Improvements, Lessons Learned | One year update

    Hi guys, in this video I make some much needed improvements to the bike trailer. Take a look at what was good, what was bad, what I would keep and what I would consider doing differently if I build another one of these. I also build an ugly box out of some scrap oak I had laying around waiting for the fire. Enjoy!


    Video (10:36 minutes)

    Travel VLogging

    This is something of a vague interest. Maybe I’ll do something similar in Hokkaido?

    How I record on the road | Techniques and Gear

    Today for gear review Saturday, I go thru my ride recording setup. Lots of people have asked me how I get the no jittery riding shots I do, so let me tell you why.

    CAMERA - The Canon G7X mark II - http://amzn.to/2yh4jQX
    TRIPOD – DJI tripod - http://amzn.to/2xTRbQP
    SELFIE STICK – DJI extension pole - http://amzn.to/2x6g1hs
    The Dead Cat Fur I Use (MICROMUFF) - http://www.micromuff.com/

    Video (12:14 minutes)

    9 TIPS for Cycle Vloggers

    In this episode, I want to reach out to Chris Broad of the YouTube channel Abroad in Japan (https://www.youtube.com/abroadinjapan). Chris is planning a 2000km cycle tour across Japan and in a recent video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy042G9iXps) he asked for some tips on the ride. As a vlogger and a cyclist who rode thru Japan recently, I thought I might be able to give him some advice.

    BONUS TIP - Keep your mouth closed

    1. Garmin Edge 1000 - https://amzn.to/2vj4Z5o
    2. Relive App for ride videos - www.relive.cc
    3. Fitness prep tips
    4. Need your own rig on you at all times.
    5. 2-3 takes maximum (don’t get caught up wasting time for the perfect shot)
    6. Smile and make eye contact with people
    7. Dealing with aggressive dogs
    8. Connect with James Oda (bicycle touring hiking and friends in japan) https://www.facebook.com/groups/alt.2600/
    9. Dealing with Live vs. Pre-produced videos on the road

    Video (11:47 minutes)

    Vlogging on a Trike?
    Should We Revisit Wood for Construction?
    Table of Contents
    Table of Contents