The new year is officially upon us! We have already celebrated the old and new. We acknowledge the mistakes and triumphs of the past year and look anew at the year 2012.

Last year, I managed to get my weight down to 103Kg (227 pounds)! Despite the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, I’ve managed to keep that weight. While I have made no “New Year’s Resolutions,” I have mid and long-term goals that I’m continuing to work on through this year. My current weight goal, is to the break the 100Kg mark by Valentine’s Day. I intend to drop down to 90Kg by the end of 2012. Bonus points when (not if) I achieve it before then!

Plus, I have upgraded the back-end administration of my website! I’m proud to say that I have a fully working Content Management System for my website. However, there are further features that I desire to add to it. While I intended to give my public facing website a face-lift, I simply ran out of time. I will definitely work to implement the new design I have created for this website.

Last year, I did almost no travel. I definitely wanted to go places… But considering my financial situation, felt it best to stay close to home. This year, I want to visit Hokkaido for the 雪祭り. It would be nice to get some Ski lessons in. I won’t be buying any ski equipment… (Maybe next year…) Depending on whether any of my family visits or not, I may take another cruise to Busan, Korea. These are by no means a plan for this year… Rather, I think of them as ideas to dream on for this Year’s fun times.

To all, I wish a prosperous and healthy year. May 2012 bring us all many new adventures!