1. If your husband is constantly withdrawn or quiet, it means he no longer feels loved or valued.

    2. Your husband is not a paycheck. So, don’t treat him like one.

    3. Sex is no just a release… but a way to connect with you on the deepest, most intimate level possible. It’s how he builds his emotional connection with you.

    4. Your husband should be a priority over your children.

    5. Don’t stop doing the things you did when you were dating just because you got married.

    6. You are not always right. And, you need to learn to admit that.

    7. When you mess-up, take accountability for it.

    8. When your husband comes to you with something and it makes you upset, don’t get defensive. And, don’t deflect what he’s saying back on to him.

    9. Constantly denying your spouse of the intimate attention that he needs, will cause him to feel rejected and unloved (and resentful).

    10. If your husband confides in you… Or, opens up about his feelings, do not judge him for it. Also, that is for no one else to know but you and him. Don’t go tell everyone and their mother about it. Furthermore, DO NOT use it against him later.

    BONUS: Your husband is your teammate. Not your enemy. NewsFlash, you’re supposed to be on the same team!

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