• CollegeHumor.com consistently manages to produce content that is not only funny, it’s also well thought out and a satirical reflection of, in this case, the raiding gaming culture. One thing is for damn sure: a bunch of people on the CollegeHumor staff are seriously addicted to World of Warcraft!

    The lyrics are beneath the video if you are interested. Enjoy!

    Video (3 minutes)


    Friday night is finally here
    Friends are out but I don’t care
    I’m not addicted to this game
    Just one more quest, I swear
    Checking server status now
    I’m gonna freak if Blackrock’s down
    Phone’s unplugged but chat’s online
    Now who’s gonna run this raid tonight…
    Who’s gonna run this raid tonight…
    Gotta find some n00bs to pwn


    We Horde
    Yeah I said it
    We Horde
    The Warsong Nation
    Fightin’ outta Ogrimmar
    Lootin’ of a corpse, y’all
    Top tier everything
    Tier nine, soon ten
    Top tier everything
    Ya’ll chat in Barrens
    Only play Paladins
    I’d have more respect
    If you weren’t always griefin’ us
    Guild is my familia, playing since beta
    So for now gonna head out to Darnassus
    There’s a couple night elf chicks that we’d like to mana tap
    We resist your debuffs, while ours are always stacked
    We all crit for 6 comma, 3 zeros, dot zero zero.
    Back to runnin’ circles round dwarves
    While we stun em’
    Level up


    Real life is lame, it’s not fair
    I’d rather chill at Darkmoon Faire”
    In Azeroth I’m finally free
    Just for one small monthly fee
    No more escort quests tonight
    Work sucked hard, I need to fight
    Red Bull in hand I log online
    Now whose gon’ run this raid tonight?

    Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay
    Heeeeeeeeey heeeeeeay
    We’re gon’ run this raid tonight


    Girl, I like your avatar, wanna cyber or take it slow, yo?
    Unless you’re gaming cross genders, no homo
    Come ride a real epic mount, no Kodos
    Next time I charge in, you’ll see real aggro
    Kill your boss orc, who cares he earned “Warlord”
    This our life, we all game hardcore
    You think we need to achieve more?
    What you PvP for? Honor fuckin’ rewards?
    But you know I’m done level grinding
    Killing creeps and mobs, that ain’t nothing
    I came to fight a real war, not go hunting
    Only gear you got is gear from gold farming
    While you’re out spending all day in the real sun
    I’m in-game, what, having real fun
    Shift function, I’ll target you, son
    Holy Light so bright you wish you had one
    You like a n00b who don’t know how to auto-run
    Hit my level cap you haven’t even begun
    You sleepin’, AFK? Come on, pay attention!
    This is Warcraft, not a Neopets session!
    What’s that, Mom? Can’t talk, for real.
    Great, look- Help! I need a full heal!
    I’m laggin’ fighting this fag and he’s got dual wield
    Killed him but his goblin bud
    Just ran in for the kill-steal


    Fuck this
    I’m gon’ find some porn online

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