Heading to Fukushima-ken for Skiing! Don’t worry. I won’t be anywhere near the nuclear plants.
I’m going to Alts Bandai Ski Resort. I’ll be there a couple days for winter sports fun. :D

This time I paid for the Ski School at Inawasho resort. It cost me 3000 Yen for the gear and 4500 Yen for the 4 hour lessons. Considering that I didn’t crash and no broken bones, it was definitely worth it! I actually had fun today. However, no “fun” is without consequences. My legs are sore. My right knee is slightly painful. And, my lips are rather chapped. I think this was a great location this year! It wasn’t crowded. The prices were a lot cheaper (except the food was pricey). Not to mention the great discounts if you stay at the resort over night. I’m going to get some dinner and enjoy the onsen here at the resort. After a good nights’ sleep, I see if my knee is good enough for another day.
In front of Inawasho Sky Shuttle

Inawasho top
Inawasho top
Inawasho ski instructor
Inawasho ski slopes