• 2012 is around the corner… Time to cue that song by REM

    Tokyo can expect a 57% chance of magnitude 8 quake within the next 30years… Natives of Tokyo have been saying the last Tokyo quake was over 80 years ago. They say the quakes typically occur every 75 years or so. While Japanese geologists put a major Tokyo quake of 7Mw or higher within the next 10 years at about 7% chance. Many Tokyoites say they are worried and expecting another big Tokyo quake soon!

    Fuji-san hasn’t blown its top in over 400 years and historically blows about every 300yrs… Although, it did take a break from 1083AD ‘til 1511AD… So one could expect to see it within the next 50 years…

    …And then, we look at the legend of the Mayan calendar… And consider the 2012 phenomenon. Do any of these events have anything in common?

    Now that I have you sweating, lets go check out the beach! I hear the surfs have been up! Calabunga Dude! Tsunami waves!

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