While binge-watching the “Kill Joys” science-fiction series, I noted a gorgeous song sung by the character “Dutch.” It brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of the dream I had yet to achieve - a family with children of my own. Dutch describes this song as something her tutor taught her to sing to her prince on their wedding day.

This is from season 2, episode 26 — “I love Lucy”:


🎼 The story starts with an heart untamed
🎶 Finding same, a promise winding
🎶 Around our fingers
🎶 Around our fingers
🎶 Me and You🎶 The story grows
🎶 In woes and joys
in girls and boys
🎶 And a fragile world
🎶 That is held in our fingers
🎶 held in our fingers🎶 And if the gods allow
🎶 We’ll find a way somehow
🎶 To make it to the end
🎶 Me and You
🎶 Me and You 🎵