LEGO room dreams 🔗

For a long time I have dreamed to have a large enough space to house my LEGO collection. If my plans for a new house come through, then I could very well be building a new studio to house my collection. The videos below are an idea of what it could look like.

LEGO Collection in the New Room - Video (11:46 minutes) 🔗

After a long day of moving LEGO my entire collection is now in the new room! Check it all out in this time-lapse and overview video! Next, we will be building the LEGO city so make sure you stay tuned for those videos and live streams!

Architect’s Hobby Room - Video (3:05 minutes) 🔗

When architect Jeff Pelletier remodeled his Seattle home, he included an epic Lego room that goes well beyond toy storage. This full on hobby room boasts more than 500,000 plastic bricks and pieces, the result is a basement haven in which Jeff can share his hobby with family and friends.