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LEGO™ Toy Guns

The LEGO™ Group makes fantastic elements that any budding ⋯


Richie Bartlett, Jr.

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I’ll never understand the “need” to replicate a tool for killing as toy or model built from LEGO. The gun is a feat of engineering designed for killing. While the kid that built this is showing great promise in his engineering abilities, I would wish he focused on things that weren’t used for killing.

🎥 Working handmade Makarov pistol lego model DIY | Video (1:16)
Instruction:, buddy;) and collect Lego weapons with DimDart!:🔸How to make a working weapon from the Lego constructor? Video on how to assemble weapons from Lego!Your like is also really needed))))A working model of a Makarov pistol firing cartridges from a Lego technician. This Lego pistol has a removable magazine that holds 10 rounds!
This is a very cool DIY toy from an ordinary Lego set. At first, you can get a lot of pleasure from the process of assembling this pistol, and then have fun shooting all kinds of targets!
Enjoy viewing and let LEGO be with you !!!))))

Richie Bartlett

I enjoy science and engineering too. But I will never support its use in weapons manufacture - toy or otherwise.

Some may say “Lego definitely represents plenty of death, war and other negative things.” They will go on to point out that minifigures have swords, knives, guns and other weapons. They continue this argument by pointing out Star Wars™ and LEGO™ Ninajago themes where the story lines involve characters killing others for plot points.

To this I respond:

Richie Bartlett

So, your argument is:
It’s been done in the past… so it’s okay then?
Regardless of the social and moral implications?

Others will quip:

Pro toy gun

Its a LITERAL TOY!!! IT CANT KILL PEOPLE!!Its just a toy pistol, cool down everybody…What part of “toy” gun is hard to understand?Who didn’t enjoy playing with toy guns in their childhood or teens? Water guns, BB guns, bow and arrows, you name it.I like it and it’s a plus that it actually works. Clever engineering then.It’s LEGO. All of it.It ain’t gonna kill anyone and it isn’t going to make a killer out of you or your kids. Chill.First world dramas…This is ridiculous. Don’t like it? Scroll on. Something positive or constructive to say? Let OP know.Keep your irrelevant opinions to yourselves.Gun fan or not, it is a very nice build.

I find it quite depressing and a bit disturbing that people have been so brainwashed to find a “toy” version of a gun to be “fun…” or innocent. That “toy” (gun) is a tool of “normalizing” a weapon employed for death. Nothing innocent about such indoctrination.

A toy gun is simply a training utility for the real thing. It’s not an innocent use of engineering. As American cops will attest, toy or not, anyone of any age will be shot. If the police are quick to kill, the average “good guy” will be faster to point their real guns at a kid holding a “toy” gun. No American will waste time to decide if the gun pointing at them is real.

There’s nothing innocent about weapons designed explicitly for killing. Not just simple killing, but fast and lazy killing. In short, I find making any “toy” version of such weapons abhorrent.

The crazy gun culture of the States is exactly the problem I’m indicting. In Japan, you don’t find a toy gun isles everywhere. Weapons are strictly monitored and regulated. Death by cop is more common than it should be. Teaching kids that a toy representation of a real weapon is “fun” is nothing but a crazy indoctrination of guns as the rule of society.

That said, there are “BB Guns” in a few stores that target older kids within Japan. I will never allow one in my home. While Japanese law classifies air guns as toys, they have strict limits on it manufacture.

There are also NERF™ guns in various stores as well as water guns. I generally don’t care for guns, but as these bare little to no resemblance to weapons of death, I will tolerate them.

If a culture claims to hate gun violence, then why do they celebrate the toy versions of killing machines? Why do they buy their kids toy-guns but tell them not to point them at other other? It’s a confusing message for young kids to decipher. Especially when kids watch anime or cartoons with depictions of war and other violence. And parents are supposed to serve as a role-model for their young by demonstrating what is acceptable. If toys are for kids and parents buy them toy-guns, then the kids will think it’s acceptable to buy (or play) with real guns when they get older. Even if that means several months later playing with any weapons their parents may have at home.

IF a culture truly wants to minimize gun related violence, then they must start at home. Remove the category of “toy guns” from all stores. Remove all depictions of guns from comics, television, movies, and cartoons aimed at kids. Stop glorifying guns and violence in general. Limit the amount of gun violence depicted in adult movies too. Restrict all weapons to the age of majority and require strict testing along with in-depth training.

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