Richie Bartlett

Awesome idea!

Water balloon fights are fun. Filling up water balloons? Not so much.
Inventor Josh Malone, along with his kids, developed a much faster way to replace the time-consuming process of filling water balloons. Malone’s device, which can fill 100 balloons in a minute, attaches to the hose directly for one-time use. He calls it “Bunch O Balloons” and launched a Kickstarter campaign for the manufacture-ready project.

Malone told Mashable that his inspiration for the project came from his eight children’s love of water balloon fights in the summer. With a family of that size, an easier way to fill and tie water balloons was sorely needed. Malone experimented with different methods, first using mini marshmallows as stoppers, then graduating to small rubber bands. From there, it was a quick jump to using a tube to hold the balloon open as it was filled with water.
At the time of writing, the project had 4,701 backers with more than $150,000 pledged – more than 15 times its original goal of $10,000. The primary use for the funding, Malone says, is to “design and purchase” machines for mass production of the device.