• This book is an interesting collation of experiences that seems to go against the concept that everyone lives a “linear life.” We no longer just: grow-up, go to school, graduate, get a job, have a family, experience a mid-life crisis, get old and die. We were never guaranteed to experience life in that order. In fact, life is not linear at all. We don’t all have access to the same resources, the same education, or the same social structures.

    However, the narrative we choose can define the rest of our lives. How we choose to handle these moments of crisis will determine our satisfaction in life. Bruce Feiler’s book sets out to illustrate another way of looking at life. And, suggests tools to handle the challenges we all eventually encounter - regardless of the order we see them.

    Bruce Feiler - Life is in the Transitions (book)

    Deck of Disruptions

    Bruce Feiler ~~ Life is in the Transitions

    The basic unit of change is a disruptor, because it’s value neutral: some disruptors are negative, and some are positive.”

    • Getting Married
    • Spouse Beginning / Ceasing work
    • Reproductive difficulties
    • Divorce / end of relationship
    • Gaining a new family member
    • Illness of a child
    • Child with special needs
    • Change in custody of children
    • Child Leaving Home
    • Childhood Sexual Trauma Domestic Violence
    • Divorce of Parents
    • Death of Partner
    • Death of Close Family Member Suicide of Loved One
    • Addiction of Loved One
    • Caring for a sick Family Member Caring for an Aging Parent
    • Change in Living situation
    • Moving Between Countries
    • Change in Sexual Practices
    • Changes in Gender Identity
    • Major Changes in Finance
    • Attempted Suicide
    • Homelessness
    • Public Humiliation
    • Victim of Crime
    • Imprisonment
    • Beginning/Ending School
    • Adult Education
    • Political or Social Awakening
    • Personal Calling
    • Change in Religious Observance
    • Change in Religion/Spirituality
    • Extended Personal Travel
    • Change in Community Service Habits
    • Collective Event (war, Storm, Protest)
    • Change in Work Responsibility
    • Changing Jobs
    • Losing / Quitting job
    • Changing careers
    • Starting company / non-profit organization
    • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination
    • Public Recognition (TED Talk, Award)
    • Retirement
    • Accident / Personal Injury
    • Chronic illness
    • Mental illness
    • Personal Addiction
    • Weight issues
    • Changing personal health habits
    🎥 The Secret to Mastering Life's Biggest Transitions | Bruce Feiler | TED | Video 17:50

    How do you navigate life’s growing number of transitions with meaning, purpose and skill? Writer Bruce Feiler offers a powerful way to handle uncertain, painful and confusing times – or “lifequakes,” as he calls them. Learn how to equip yourself with the essential tools and mindset to ride out (and rewrite) the toughest chapters of your life story, and turn unease and upheaval into growth and renewal.

    1. Linear life is dead
    2. Life is a deck of disruptions and transitions.
    3. Develop skills to cope with our emotions
    4. Seek wisdom from others
    5. Rewrite our story


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    Table of Contents